THIS WEEK: Jan. 6th Hearings – What You Need to Know

Video by: OfficialACLJ     Shared by…   America First! 2022/2024

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This week we know the radical Left in Congress are building up toward the televised, prime-time January 6th hearings coming this Thursday and Friday. That was what the Left was able to convince the major networks to agree to. Since Jan. 6th, we like many conservatives called for the arrest of every individual that participated in storming and vandalizing the Capitol building. But it’s become clear that the play on the Left is to use this week to again weaponize the media against conservatives in advance of the hearings. Just this morning on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski and former White House Communications Director Dan Pfieffer under President Obama had the following exchange defaming conservatives as “freaks”:

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